Welcome to Water Damage Restoration Orange County CA

Our team is an on call around the clock 24/7. We are your water damage restoration services of Orange County, California. We are expert in water damage and fire damage restoration, and mold removal. Thus, our expert workers have received a wide training and are certified by the restoration leaders IICRC. And another company that gives skills in this kind of industry. Together with the new modern equipment available in the market today. We solve the problem of every home in no time.

The company starts since 1998 own by Lucas Johnson with a few, machine and equipment, also with only 5 employees. From then on the quality of the service of the company is keep on developing.


Water Damage Restoration

Conditions like floods and leaks need quick action. Longer stay of materials in the water like drywall. As well as, floors can cause water damage and lessen the strength of the property. Henceforth, our water damage restoration team is ready to help any problem. Basement flood cleanup is also part of our water damage restoration service.

Fire Damage Restoration

Usually, fire can create harmful damages to property. Not to mention, smoke damage or odor, fire sprinklers can leave behind water damaged walls and floors. Our company gives emergency to protect your property from further damages. Let us restore your property. To restore fire damage property a very hard way without guidance. Hence, our train experts can help work out the proper estimate to give to your insurance staff. To return your property and your life back to normal in no time.

Mold Removal

Often times mold is the side effect of water damage. It sometimes goes unseen and untouched until it becomes a harmful problem for home and business owners. Our company works with you to remove mold and restores your home or business to a safe place.


The company starts since 1998 own by Lucas Johnson the water damage restoration service. With a few, machine and equipment, also with only 5 employees. From then on the quality of the service of the company is keep on developing. With years of work experience, Lucas starts to have his own business to serve the community of Orange County. The basis of our company starts with what most of our competitors do not give much attention. That is to meet the customer's satisfaction. Each worker of the company has selected and trained to hold. And promote our company's core values that reinforced daily in everything we do.


The company's mission is to create steady water damage restoration services of Orange County. Hence, with the goal to get above and beyond what expect in our service. Thus, most of our customers and friends refer our service to their important clients and friends. We do not just build a business but we build a good relationship. Our company is a general contractor that we give business and home losses with the following solutions. Such as fire, water, mold, and other restoration services.


To build world-class leaders of giving customers satisfaction in every service we render. To have an expert working with a world-class ability and experience able to compete in the world. Also, with a new modern technology in equipment that will give a good result. And meet the needs of our customers.


We are a team of a competitive individual with quality in work and experience that meet the standard of this industry. Each staff is train in IICRC the industry’s highest certification and they keep on updating their training to gain more knowledge. And to apply in our services to give more accurate help to our customers. Whether a minor problem or serious damage in your home or business you have the right company.

You are much welcome to call us and experience the best water damage restoration services of Orange County.